Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Praying Mother...Prayer Ring!

A great friend of mine, Becky, shared this adorable idea with me.  She had a cute "prayer ring" hanging from her diaper bag and when I asked what it was and she explained the idea...I fell in love!  I knew I wanted to make a whole bunch of these for friends of mine!  She had a scripture verse with a simple prayer for her child on each card.  And she used this prayer ring as a reminder to pray for so many wonderful aspects of her child's life...growing in love, joy, integrity, honesty, and so on!  My friend Becky, sent me the file she had with the little prayers and scripture verses.  All I had to do was change the child's name and personalize them for me and my friends! 

After printing the document on cute scrapbook paper, I used my circle puncher and punched out each card.  I took them to a local office store to have them laminated.  After cutting out the laminated prayer cards...I punched a hole in each one and added a ring. You can attach your prayer ring to your purse, your diaper bag, your car mirror, and whatever you look at each day.

I love having this daily reminder as a mom who desires to pray for my children each day.  And I love being able to give a special and personalized gift to other mommies I love!  Maybe you can create your own prayer ring enjoy this special gift too!
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Monday, April 18, 2011

Flower Pens!

I know you've seen these before but just a reminder that this is the perfect time of year to make a few of these and give them out as little gifts!  They are perfect as party favors for guests, thank you gifts for teachers, or sweet presents for Mother's Day.  All you need are some pretty fake flowers, floral tape, and pens!

Choose a flower, hold next to your pen and start wrapping around and around with floral tape (pretty snug).  When you reach the bottom, cut the tape and put a dab of tacky glue to hold it all together.  You can give one as a gift or place a whole bouquet of pens in a cute container.  A pretty vase or pitcher can be fun.  But I also love a flower pot, filled with black dried beans.  Stick those pens in and give to someone special as a gift.  They will love it, as it is springy...functional...and cute!
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Friday, April 15, 2011

Rice Krispie Treats with Peeps!

So, I've come across this idea in magazines and on blogs...not sure where to give the credit!  But the idea stuck in my head when it came to make sweet little goodies for my son's preschool class.  Instead of giving candy or gifts, my little guy wanted to do some baking with mommy.  So, we got to work on melting, stirring, and sampling.  I love rice krispie treats!!

To add a fun spring touch, pick up a package of peeps and lay them on top of your rice krispie treats while still warm.  They will stick on nicely and just let them sit.  The next morning, I cut them into squares and we put them in some cute bunny bags from Target.  My son loved handing them out to his preschool friends and they all loved eating them!

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spring Flowerpot Favors!

When I decorate a table...I love having something that guests can take home with them as a small gift!  One of my favorite goodies to send home with friends are flowers!  On this table, I created small flower pots filled with petunias and cute labels.

Cupcake toppers aren't just for cupcakes...use those same paper punchers to create a topper or label for a party favor.  My labels at this table were created for mommies and the fun we've been having together as friends.  But your labels can say whatever you like.  Or just placing a potted flower by each guests plate would be cute and simple!!  Have some spring time fun on your table, and share any ideas you have for cute goodies for guests that you have created!
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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Spring Tablescape!!

How I love to decorate a table!  This past week I had such a fun time planning and decorating a table for some sweet mommies in my MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group!  Each table leader was able to pick their own theme and have fun getting creative.  I knew right away that I wanted a bright and springy theme with a "garden" touch!  So, the table was filled with flowers and more flowers!! 

One of my favorite items was the centerpiece.  I created this centerpiece like I do every centerpiece I create...with a basic idea in my head and then some browsing at the store!  I walked through the dollar aisles at Target and came across two pink metal buckets.  One was shorter and wider, the other was taller and thinner.  I loved the idea of doing a "tiered" centerpiece with one bucket inside the other.  I took them home and got to work.  I filled the wider bucket with potting soil and added some spring plants.  In the taller bucket, I added a couple of spring bouquets of flowers.  I love how it turned out!

The rest of the table was very easy...lots of floral papergoods with plates and napkins and cups.  I used some of the extra napkins to place under the plates, like a placemat!  It added just a touch more color!  And a few more flowers on the table couldn't hurt...with cute flowerpot favors for the girls to take home.  I will share that idea in my next post!!

Hope you enjoy this spring tablescape.  It's very easy and not very expensive and can add the perfect touch to a barbecue or brunch this spring.  Even Easter could do a "garden" theme!!  Please share any spring tablescape ideas you have too!

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Friday, April 8, 2011

It's My SITS Day!!

I cannot believe it...my day has finally arrived!  For those of you who blog, you know how exciting this is...to be a featured blogger on a site that connects many wonderful bloggers together.  I have found so many amazing blogs through SITS and love reading comments from new visitors.  If you're not familiar with SITS and what it means to have my very own special day...no worries!  I am just excited to have lots of news moms, women, friends, and visitors stop by my blog today and take a peek around.  If you like what you see...please follow me!  Either way, I am so happy to have you here!
I created "Sweetheart Moments" almost two years ago mainly for my own friends to be able to find in "one place" the ideas I use for decorating, organizing, recipes, and family fun.  But I soon realized that there was a world of other women and moms out there that enjoyed sharing ideas and it grew to become something a bit more.  I love finding sweet ideas to help me as a mom as I balance family life, routines, and schedules.  But I especially love sharing those ideas with others and knowing we are all helping and inspiring each other.  I am passionate about decorating and organizing...so you will find lots of posts about these topics on my blog.  I also love creating special celebrations, events, and fun activities for my kiddos when the holidays approach or just to make a regualar day a bit more fun!  And I am always looking for ways to make dinner time and meal preparation easier and yummier! 

So, have fun browsing around.  To help you get started I thought I might share a few of my favorite posts in the various areas that I love to write about.  Thanks for stopping by and be sure to have some "sweet moments" with your family and friends today...
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Friday, April 1, 2011

Spring Has Sprung!

I am in love with this weather and the season of spring!!  Each morning I have woken up with a goofy, ear to ear grin, just because it is sunny and warm.  It truly makes me happy to know we will be spending our days outside playing at the parks with friends again.  And because I am so excited about spring...I had to start adding a few "spring" touches around our home.  I always seem to gravitate towards our front porch first!

I have a pink blossom wreath on our cute, red door.  And next to it are my azalea and bunny decorations.  I also couldn't resist the cute "welcome bunny" sign to put by my other potted flowers!

But my favorite part are those comfy rocking chairs that seem to call my name in the evenings...come sit down, relax, and grab a glass of lemonade! This is why I love spring!

Inside our home I have our entryway table that I "do up" for the seasons!  I love to have guests walk in the door and smile with some fun, spring touches.  The Easter subway art is a free downloadable graphic from a favorite blog eighteen25.  Print your own out for some spring decor!  And the other decorations are just little things I have found here and there and they make my kiddos happy that spring is in the air! 

Now it's your turn to share...what have you done in your home to add some spring flair?  Please tell us!!
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