Thursday, May 26, 2011

Meaningful Vacation Souvenirs

We just returned from an amazing family vacation in Florida...and had such a wonderful time swimming, relaxing, and soaking up sunshine.  I knew I wanted to bring something back from this year's family vacation...but we didn't need any little trinkets or junk that just get hidden and forgotten about when we get home.  So, this time I decided that I wanted to collect some beautiful sea shells with my kiddos as we walked along the beach each day.  When we got home, I soaked them in a bucket of they don't smell like stinky fish anymore!  And now you just have to decide where to place them.  I love the look of those clear glass jars in a bathroom or bedroom...but don't have any extra ones around the house.  But I did have this cute sea grass basket that would work!  So in went the sea shells and it looks perfect!

I can add a cute tag if I want to write down the location and date of this family vacation.  And every year that we go on vacation together, it would be fun to bring back something another basket of shells, a pretty painting, or even some sand!  What do you do to remember those special family vacations?
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