Tuesday, March 31, 2009

April Sweetheart Moments

Here are some ideas for making some special "sweetheart moments" for April. Have fun trying out some of these activities and creative celebration ideas!
Spring Picnic
This is a fun way to kick-off the start of spring...have a picnic. Find a cute picnic basket and fill it with all sorts of yummy snacks and goodies. Visit the park, find a spot in the backyard, or move the coffee table and spread out indoors. The point is that you are doing something different and getting ready for spring!
Tea Party Time
Spring time is the perfect time to plan a tea party...inside or outside. Decorate with real tablecloths, a fresh vase of flowers, and have the kiddos get dressed up. A tie for boys and a dress for girls! Set the table with tea cups, saucers, plates for finger foods, and of course the tea pot. Use real tea if you think your children will like it, or apple juice for those that are more picky. This is a great time to encourage friendship and table manners. Invite some buddies over with cute invitations or have a tea party with favorite stuffed friends!
Earth Day Celebration
Pick a fun way to celebrate our earth with your kids. Maybe plant a tree, make homemade paper with a blender (recipes online), or clean out the closets and toy bins to "recycle" toys. Have fun celebrating this day!
Dear Easter Bunny
With your child, write a letter to the Easter Bunny. Tell the Easter Bunny what you love about springtime and encourage your child to ask any questions they think of...this might become a funny memento to keep. Before bed, set out the letter and a plate of carrots for the Easter Bunny. And don't forget to have fun dying eggs this evening also!
Egg Hunts
Sometimes I feel like this time of year is filled with dozens of egg hunts. But kids don't seem to get tired of them. I love to use the small plastic eggs for the outside hunts (filled with candy or little snacks). Inside the house, you can use the hard-boiled eggs or I love the large themed plastic eggs. I have some in the shape of carrots and chicks. I like to fill these larger eggs with little toys like matchbox cars for boys or hairbows for girls.
Easter Basket Fun
Pick a theme each year for the Easter baskets (outdoor games, garden tools, things with wheels, etc.) Don't forget to include a letter from the Easter Bunny in the basket in response to their letter the night before!
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