Thursday, November 5, 2009

Holiday Season Inspiration: Day 2 (More Table Decor!)

Why stop at decorating the table for Thanksgiving and the holiday season?  Bring the fancy decorations onto the chairs as well!  I just got back from Michaels where all of their Halloween and harvest decorations are 70% off, which makes my heart race, just thinking about it!  I started scanning the baskets and shelves quickly for things I could use for Thanksgiving.  And I came across these darling baskets with leaves and berries in warm fall colors.  I could not resist!  I snagged 6 of them, not knowing yet what I would use them for.  But how can I pass up darling fall baskets for $1.49 each?  That is just too good to be true!  I also threw into my cart a couple of bolts of fall wired ribbon that was 50% off.  Now it was time to go home and get creative.

I decided to use these darling baskets around the dinner table for Thanksgiving.  I used the ribbon to tie them to the back of each of my six chairs.  How perfect is that!  No glue, no sewing, no hassles...just tie a cute bow around the basket and the back of my chair!

I am thinking of so many ways these baskets can add some flair to our Thanksgiving celebration!  I can fill them with some fall floral stems to dress them up a bit.  I can use them as a nameplate with the table guest's name added to the basket.  I might want to have them function as something, like a sort of mailbox.  I love writing notes and on cute stationary I can write a little card for each guest and share some things I appreciate about them and love! 

Or we might turn this into a table activity while eating.  Each guest can write down one thing they are thankful for this year, put it in the basket and at the end of the evening...take it home as a gift to use year after year at their own home...their own thankful basket!  The ideas are endless!

And don't forget that baskets aren't the only thing you can use to decorate your chairs this holiday season.  Get creative and start thinking of things to attach to the back of your chairs...bows, wreaths, name cards, and the list goes on.  I am hope you are getting a bit more inspired this holiday season!
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