Sunday, September 27, 2009

Bathroom Fit for a...Kid!

My mom flew in from Florida to spend a week with us...enjoying time with the grandkids but also helping me to finish one of the only rooms in our home that has been untouched from decorating! We just never seemed to get around to doing the bathroom for the kiddos. It's the same bathroom the guests use when they stay with us as well. So, I wanted to pick a style and theme that wasn't too childish but still fun and bright. I decided to go with a fun beach and surfing theme. I found a striped shower curtain, full of color...and that became my inspiration!

My favorite part of the bathroom is the towels we have hanging on the wall. I ripped out the towel racks and nailed up some moulding. Then I bought some stylish hooks and hung six of them across the wall. I chose some colorful towels and draped them over the hooks to make it feel like you are at the beach! It's perfect for kiddos yelling at them to fold the towels neatly after using them! It's cute and kid-friendly.
Most of the pictures and accessories came from garage sales or friends that were cleaning out their closets! I gladly took all of the giveaway items and found ways to use them in my bathroom. And as you can see we chose a turqouise or blue/green color to remind us of the ocean!
After taking inventory on what still needed to be done...we headed to Target for some finishing touches. After purchasing some bright bath mats, soap dispensers, hand towels, and a lamp...we were ready to finish this project up. It turned out great and my kiddos will love splashing in the tub and brushing their teeth in this new and improved bathroom!
*I just linked this post up with Tip Junkie as one of my favorite entries.  Why this one did I want to share?  Well, decorating is something special I share with my mom...who helped on this little project!  I loved the final outcome of the makeover.  I've been on a little decorating kick around our house...and it's all about my kiddos who I love and adore!  I was tempted to share my post on writing a family mission statement (which I also highly recommend) but I went with this one.  Check out the family mission statement also, if you have time!Pin It


  1. LOVE it! Our guest bathroom has a "beachy" feel to it and this is giving me some great ideas!!

  2. It's so bright! I want to go to the beach right now! Too bad it's so far away.

  3. I love your bathroom! I just posted about my son (and guest) bathroom makeover. I'm still just getting started, but this is the look I'm going for. I've got the white cabinets, blue walls, and bright striped shower curtain. I love your towel hooks, wall art, and other bright accessories! This is exactly what I'm envisioning for my son's bathroom! Great job!


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