Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Organizing Family, Home, and Life!

I love to organize! Nothing feels better to me than conquering a crazy clutter area in the house. After organizing a cabinet or closet or shelf...I find myself sneaking over for another look and letting out that big sigh of accomplishment and relief. I think when things become more organized in our home, we feel happier, more relaxed and are able to feel better about our day! So, where do you start? What needs to be done? I think the first thing to do is take inventory of your own home and figure out what area of the house is really bugging you. Is it the garage? The toy area? The pantry? Make a trip to the store and buy a few cartloads of bins and containers and you're ready to undertake anything. Clear everything out and begin putting in piles. These piles will eventually go into containers and the containers will go back into a nice and newly organized cabinet or closet!
Something fun to create for all of us mommies is a "Family Management" area of the home. Find a place that you can hang schedules, invitations, calendars, appointment postcards, reminders, permission slips, and all of that other paper clutter! My favorite spot is inside the pantry. It's a place you go in and out of all the time and there is a door to close when you don't want to see it all! In my pantry, I went out and bought a huge bulletin board and thumb tacks. Love it! Everything is easy to see, change, replace, and organize. Next to the bulletin board is a three compartment basket for mail (top is bills, middle is my stuff, and bottom is my husbands). This helps so much with mail sorting! And of course the calendar is hung in here also. I plan to add to this family organizing area when the kiddos get older. I will have clipboards for each child where I can organize their permission slips, homework pages, chores list, and more.
I want to share some fabulous ideas with you that other great mommies have created also. Bonnie shares her home management area, also located in the pantry. And she has developed some excellent charts to help her stay on top of cleaning. This is a fantastic idea!
This is my dream family organizational system from Katherine. I am now on the hunt for a huge white board or chalk board to hang in my garage and organize everything. This works well especially with a family of children who are school age. Life just gets busier and this helps everyone know where to put information and where to find it! Looking at this system just makes me smile! And adding children's artwork makes it so much cuter and more special!
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  1. Those boards are so great! I love systems like that!!

  2. I must add that after being inspired by other mommies and their organizational systems...I spent the evening adding to mine! I now have a couple of clipboards for to-do lists, a white board for reminders, and cute labels on it all!

  3. I'd love to see your final creation!! I bet it will be spectacular. It feels so great to be organized, doesn't it?

  4. oh wow ... how cool to see my home management system on your blog ... i was just looking through who had visited recently and stumbled upon your blog ... i was surprised (pleasantly) to find my blog linked in your post !!


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