Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Flowerpot Fun!

It's Wednesday and time for a decorating tip for your home! I love to decorate with flowerpots in the summer. You can use terra cotta pots for that rich, warm color or buy cute decorated flower pots to go with your decorating colors and theme. Adding a ribbon or rafia around the pot might be all the decoration you need! Flowerpots are fantastic as centerpieces or at each person's place setting. It just makes you think "summer!"
One of my favorite tricks is to use flowerpots for summer berries. After a trip to the local farmer's market, you need to wash all of those berries, and let them dry. No one wants water dripping all over the counter or taking up space in the sink. So, buy a few flowerpots for your fresh berries and put them around the house. I might have a flowerpot of strawberries on the counter to munch on. And in the family room, put a flowerpot of grapes for everyone to grab! So cute and it encourages everyone to eat more fruit during the day.
Flowerpots are also great for taking care of clutter. Like I said, add some ribbon or polka dots with paint...and it can fit into any room. Use those flowerpots to collect pens and pencils by the phone. Or maybe you need a spot for remote controls on the table by the sofa...use a flowerpot! Have fun this summer decorating with flowerpots and don't forget that flowers look cute in them too!
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